About Us

Katni My name is Sukatni, was called Katni, 35 years old than as a housewife, i did as women Guide since 1995, I was the first woman became Trekking Guide to Mount Rinjani.

My father is an Indigenous Stakeholders Wetu telu Senaru Bayan, I was born from the environment that still uphold and preserve the local culture and apply the values ​​of local wisdom in our daily lives.
For me it became the Women Guide Mount Rinjani is not just looking for a profit but rather to taste my love of Mount Rinjani is the life support communities in Senaru Village and Lombok Island Typical.
During this profession became Trekking Guide and Trekking organizer only done by men only and women only as a housewife waiting for the husband’s income on average worked as a porter and Trekking Guide with limited income.
My concern on Mount Rinjani increasingly frequent damage and environmental pollution caused by waste generated from Rinjani trekking activities, in my opinion requires action therefore I invite each climber to follow the program “Keep Rinjani Green and Clean” by first making commitment to fill out a check list of the garbage that we prepared before the climb.

I am very concerned about the women in the village who tends ruled out and they are very limited role made me compelled to petrified and invite them to be part of the effort that I developed in the village of Senaru.
I want the women in Senaru also inspired and follow in my footsteps so that they can help the family economy and make the role of women in Senaru more and more independent.

“Katni is a force of nature. She set up Rinjani Women Adventure in an effort to introduce greater gender equality in her area, and now employs dozens or women (and men) as guides on and around Rinjani. She’s knowledgable, friendly and effortlessly enthusiastic” Steve A – London, United Kingdomread more

To achieve that, we invite the father / mother to share the experience of a trip to Mount Rinjani and surrounding areas, guided by our guide so that it becomes an unforgettable experience visit.
In addition we also manage cultural tour packages associated with the introduction of art, culinary tour, indigenous forests, paddy fields, traditional village, ancient mosques, weaving and other activities.
We are quite experienced in this field and we expect Mr. / Ms can provide support to us to empower the women in the village and the community at large by way of book tour packages that we manage in Mount Rinjani and surrounding areas.

Rinjani Women Adventure, Empowering the Local Community and unemployment benefits

Lots experiences as a tour guide to Mount Rinjani Lombok and has received many awards from the government or non government organization such as: She can You Can from Trans 7 tv, Kecintaan Katni kepada Rinjani from Net 12 tv, International workshop on indicators of suistainable development of tourism destinations 2007 and conseling certificate as a member of Sadar Wisata dan Sadar Budaya 2013 from the government.

I can and it’s time women can!!!